Research And Fees

While keeping to our mission of helping people change their spiritual, social and economic conditions , The Active Hand Ministry have committed  time consuming research to bring peoples’ goals to successful conclusions. We have located people to build wheel chair access ramps, renovate non profits’ building interiors, provided toys and clothing for children and adults and many other needed provisions for change. We continue to provide research in the areas of needed provisions. However, today our services have become fee based. Hourly=$15.00-$25.00. Sliding fee based upon the the total cost which includes the research, the total cost of the project and any contact The Active Hand Ministry may have to contribute in writing, visitations or personal connections to see the project successfully completed. Generally, many non profit services are more conclusive when another non profit initiate the process. The Active Hand Ministry is happy to help people obtain their goals by doing the research and initiating their goal oriented projects. Visit our contact page if we can be of service for your project. www.tahm.orgRAMP