God’s Active Spiritual Hand Ministry


How can the impoverished communities be empowered to change their conditions? THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry believes the key to solving community issues is by preparing our youths as future leaders and forming grassroots organizations that connect individuals, organizations, municipalities and law makers with the impoverished needs of the community. If we didn’t train our youths as future leaders, and put them in strategic positions of leadership, poor people would remain in their spiritual, social and economical conditions.

THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry realizes that poor and marginalized people, in the Greater Richmond area, the Tri-City area and surrounding counties can effect change in their conditions if they invest in their youths through structured leadership programs and forming grassroots agencies that will demand those changes in their communities.

THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry (TAHM) is a 501 c 3 grassroots, community organizing, organization incorporated on May 17, 2007, and exempted April 8, 2008 as a public charity. TAHM is not a church nor does it recognize any denomination.