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God’s Active Spiritual Hand Ministry


How can the impoverished communities be empowered to change their conditions? THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry believes the key to solving community issues is by preparing our youths as future leaders and forming grassroots organizations that connect individuals, organizations, municipalities and law makers with the impoverished needs of the community. If we didn’t train our youths as future leaders, and put them in strategic positions of leadership, poor people would remain in their spiritual, social and economical conditions.

THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry realizes that poor and marginalized people, in the Greater Richmond area, the Tri-City area and surrounding counties can effect change in their conditions if they invest in their youths through structured leadership programs and forming grassroots agencies that will demand those changes in their communities.

THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry (TAHM) is a 501 c 3 grassroots, community organizing, organization incorporated on May 17, 2007, and exempted April 8, 2008 as a public charity. TAHM is not a church nor does it recognize any denomination.

Research And Fees

While keeping to our mission of helping people change their spiritual, social and economic conditions , The Active Hand Ministry have committed  time consuming research to bring peoples’ goals to successful conclusions. We have located people to build wheel chair access ramps, renovate non profits’ building interiors, provided toys and clothing for children and adults and many other needed provisions for change. We continue to provide research in the areas of needed provisions. However, today our services have become fee based. Hourly=$15.00-$25.00. Sliding fee based upon the the total cost which includes the research, the total cost of the project and any contact The Active Hand Ministry may have to contribute in writing, visitations or personal connections to see the project successfully completed. Generally, many non profit services are more conclusive when another non profit initiate the process. The Active Hand Ministry is happy to help people obtain their goals by doing the research and initiating their goal oriented projects. Visit our contact page if we can be of service for your project. www.tahm.orgRAMP


| 8.50 per child to STOP THE NONSENSE!!!

Summer is fast approaching, and your youth coordinator/minister is considering  what to do with the kids this year. Well, how about providing them with a structured program from the Virginia Department of Health, that offers fun, as well as, anti violence and anti bullying skills? If you have children (ages 12 to 18), a class room and safe means of transportation, then THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry have a program for you.
For two (2) years, Fishing For Respect,was conducted at Youth Ministry Entertainment’s (Y-ME) summer camp program, in order to promote respectful behavior in areas of teenage dating violence, bullying, domestic violence, fishing skills,and ecological awareness. Data also concluded that increasing the knowledge of at risk kid’s in physical activities such as, sport fishing and group learning exercises were key factors in behaviors developing good health and morals. (Include Richmond and surrounding counties.)

Fishing For Respect: A Summer Camp Program


Fishing For Respect is a new, comprehensive, program that provides opportunities for At Risk youths, ages 11-24, in Richmond, the Tri-Cities and surrounding counties to learn from social and productive group activities, in a safe and comfortable environment, how too live healthy and choose healthy versus unhealthy relationships skills to avoid bullying and teenage violence.

The Order of the Hand: A Youth Leadership Program


This is a program that identifies youths, ages 11-24, to prepare them through social and productive activities for our People Agreeing For A Change program. Only a select few will be chosen for this training each year. They will show high achievement, aptitude and attitude. Their training will eventually produce a well qualified young adult, ages 18 and above, who shall create and maintain a grassroots agency, under our Fiscal Sponsorship, to address the issues and concerns in his or her community until such time as the agency become an independent 501 c 3.

Our Belief: the future of a humane society shall be determined by the quality of leadership taught to our youth.

People Agreeing For A Change

People Agreeing for a Change is TAHM’s community organizing program that trains marginalized people in the “Spiritual Principles” of organizing and the principles of “Community Organizing.”

TAHM believes that by networking with other service providing organizations, a marginalized people will reach a point where they can break the cycle of inequality.

TAHM works in collaboration with the Virginia Organizing organization to provide the most comprehensive community organizing training available.

The 8 week program is scheduled on Saturdays from 9am to 3pm.

All They Need Is A Bus!


Here is a special opportunity to support THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry’s Youth “Out of School Time” Programs.

THE ACTIVE HAND Ministry believes that Together We Can STOP THE NONSENSE!!!; by scheduling us to work with your youths.

At Risk Youths missed many cultural, health related, and career opportunities simply because we needed a $5000.00 Bus for our field trips.

May we count on your support of our 15 Seat Passenger Bus Drive?